Year: 2013
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client: HC SKA
Intro: During summer off-season the audience tends to develop habits related to summer pastimes, forgetting the way to the Ice Palace. A strong regular season advertising kick-start becomes crucial for SKA in terms of bringing fans back to the stands and TV-sets. That’s why the club buys a big chunk of media presence including TV and internet. The more unconventional the videos the bigger potential they have to become viral and “cover” more people.
Objective: To develop creative scenarios and to make a series of commercials for TV and internet seeding.

The main idea is to show what’s happening on the training ice right after practice, when players master personal skills or simply decide to have some fun and to demonstrate tricks to each other. This reflects good and healthy atmosphere in the team. Players who can do everything on the ice and even more. Even impossible seems easy. It is exactly this “impossible” that we suggested to build the series of videos around.
We made up situations or tricks that are (in theory) possible to make in real life. Or at least they seem possible. The viewers should have an open question: “Is it real?”
We created viral videos, in a way. But in our case, they can easily be broadcast on TV as well as spread in the internet. Eventually, high interest in Russia and abroad let the video with Ilya Kovalchuk pass 1 mln views bar. And this was achieved without any special seeding!
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