Year: 2012
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client: HC SKA
Intro: Following several new assignments within the HC SKA structure, the marketing strategy was revised. The club moved to play in the Ice Palace (capacity 12’000) in season 2008-09, but the management was still struggling to get the full crowd to all home games. Recent rise of FC Zenit made it even more difficult for SKA to compete for attention and support of Saint Petersburg.
Objective: To develop a fresh eye-catching creative concept and a key visual for the launch of a new season.

SKA is the only hockey club that is representing Saint Petersburg in KHL. The players are defending the honour of the city. So we took an ice hockey player and an architectural masterpiece of the city and united both of them as main characters on one visual. We depicted a large icy goaltender that rises to protect Saint Petersburg “inside” the world famous drawn up Palace bridge.
Normally, the first ice appearing on the Neva River reminds the citizens that winter is coming. Extending this logic, such a huge “chunk” of ice appearing in the waters symbolizes the beginning of the new ice hockey season.
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