Year: 2017-18
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client: HC SKA
Intro: SKA finished the season 2016-17 winning the Gagarin Cup for the second time in its history. For several consecutive years the club was showing great results gathering full Ice Palace for almost all the home matches. SKA earned the place in hearts of the citizens, becoming the symbol of Saint Petersburg.
Objective: To create a series of posters to advertise HC SKA home matches in the new season.

More and more people are becoming fans of SKA. As time shows, it’s not just a fashionable crush – it’s a strong passion that got almost unanimous support of the entire city. Fans do really adore the club. And they start reflecting their passion in many ways – wearing club merchandise products, putting stickers on their cars, proposing during the matches, making tattoos with SKA logo, etc. For a creative concept, we chose one of the ways the city raises its voice – the street art.

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