Year: 2013-14
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client: HC SKA
Intro: The club was showing stable results finishing high in regular seasons and taught the fans that SKA would always make it to playoffs. Attention to SKA was rising, and the club took a smart decision to keep on strengthening the brand. Local competitor FC Zenit was decreasing focus on support from the city, and SKA chose to “take over” this theme in its communication.
Objective: To develop a creative concept and use it in a series of five key visuals to strengthen the perception of SKA as the main sports club in the city.

We suggested launching a campaign based on events closely connected with the city of Saint Petersburg. The main idea was to use heroic war characters of the past and “apply” them on warriors of our time who are defending the pride of the city in ice hockey. Visually we stylized the real hockey player kit to look like armour. To complete the concept we depicted the newly developed characters on the background of the most famous architectural masterpieces of the city. The warriors are ready to protect their home ground!
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