FC Zenit // Underground Football

FC Zenit advertising at the passenger walkway between two metro stations

Brief: Stadium attendance decline shown over recent matches required additional advertising activitiesleading up to UEFA Champions’ League group stage first home match.
Given the importance and high financial expectations of the upcoming UCL matches it was essentialto “awake” the city attracting maximum attention to these matches.
Idea: Using the unique goal celebration of Miguel Danny, FC Zenit attacking midfielder – to break the boundaries of reality and bring emotions and passion of football to the placeless expected – under the ground.
Placement: One-way passenger walkway between two metro stations in the city center. Traffic exceeding million. One-way walkway connecting the main underground arteries of the megapolis. Large number of visitors and locals. Advertising has never been placed here before.
Key project parameters:
Length: 40 m
Height: 2 m
> 1 000 000 people walk along the connecting walkway every day
Full stadium
Danny scored a winning goa
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